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Certification staff

Certification staff includes those responsible for reviewing documents and making decisions regarding operators’ certification status.

Business Meeting
Inspection staff

Inspection staff includes those responsible for managing the inspection process and includes the staff inspectors and independent inspectors who perform on-site inspections.

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Administrative staff

Administrative staff includes those responsible for the organizational and office functions not primarily related to certification decisions.

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The Team at OnMark are overseen by the Executive Director, Mark Seeley.

The Team
Mark Seeley, CEO OnMark Certification Services LLC

Mark Seeley

Amy Fry photo 2021.jpg

Amy Fry

Program Administration & Customer Relations

Rachel Reeves - OnMark Certification Services LLC

Rachel Reeves

Jenn Whaley photo 2023.jpg

Jenn Whaley

Seeley Family 2020_edited.jpg

Grace Seeley

john mataruse - photo 2022_edited.jpg

John Mataruse


Jeff Evard Photo 2018 small.png

Jeff Evard​

Julia Ingle photo 2022.jpg

Julia Ingle

Emily Gleiss Photo 2022.jpg

Emily Gleiss

Material Inputs

Nick Brown photo 2021_edited.jpg

Nicholas Brown

Madeline McGhee 2021.png

Madeline McGhee

Certification Officers & Inspection Team

Barb Burbaugh 2021.jpg

Barb Burbaugh

Brandon McDonald photo 2019.png

Brandon McDonald


Clair Shirk

Dennis-Wilcox 2022 photo.jpg

Dennis Wilcox

Josh photo 2022.jpg

Josh VanCleave


Lindsey Jones

Mallory Krieger 2022 Photo.jpg

Mallory Krieger

Mark Hostetler

McKenna Dixon 2022 Photo.jpg

McKenna Dixon


Paul Yoder

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