Certification staff

Certification staff includes those responsible for reviewing documents and making decisions regarding operators’ certification status.

Administrative staff

Administrative staff includes those responsible for the organizational and office functions not primarily related to certification decisions.

Inspection staff

Inspection staff includes those responsible for managing the inspection process and includes the staff inspectors and independent inspectors who perform on-site inspections.


The Team at OnMark are overseen by the Executive Director, Mark Seeley.


Mark Seeley


Amy Fry


Jeff Evard

Jenny Rocco

Jessica Ervin


Brandon McDonald

Grace Seeley

Madeline McGhee

Rachel Reeves

Arabella Yandle

Sandy Hoskins

Certification & Inspection

Brad Dixon

Dr. Brenda Coe

Chad Geoit

Ib Hagsten

Jeff Schlaf

Dr. Joseph Ward

Paul Yoder

Steve Kinder

Vernon Coblentz

Compliance Consultants

Garth Kahl 

Cecilia Bowman

Nathan Powell-Palm

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